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Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Industrial Refrigeration System in NC

JAX Refrigeration provided installation of a glycol chiller system in Raleigh, North Carolina. The system provided 40 tons of cooling for 32 UVC stations.

Commercial Refrigeration Installation in RI

JAX Refrigeration completed the installation of a commercial refrigeration system for a food processing facility in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The system included: screw compressors, evaporative condensers, water tank & pumps, ammonia pumps, air handling units, ceiling evaporators, condenser & evaporator for freezer and blast chiller, condenser water treatment, pressure vessels, high pressure receivers, ammonia diffusion tank, thermosyphon tank, auto purger, computer control system and control panel, ammonia detection system, and ammonia refrigeration piping.

Refrigeration Design & Install in FL

JAX Refrigeration furnished and installed ammonia refrigeration systems in Daytona Beach, Florida. The systems service a freezer building warehouse and dock area as well as a hub building conditioned space, cooler space, and production/processing areas.

Commercial Refrigeration System in TX

JAX Refrigeration performed the installation of a glycol chiller system in Austin, Texas including a Trane chiller as well as expansion and storage tanks.

Industrial Refrigeration Design-Build

JAX Refrigeration, partnered with JAX Mechanical, provided an industrial refrigeration Design-Build solution for the expansion of an existing meat processing facility. The project included a new ammonia machine room with the refrigeration and mechanical equipment to support another large processing line at the facility. Equipment included: compressors, condensers, vessels, hygienic rooftop units, unit heaters, and evaporators as well as a fully integrated control system. The system also supported a state-of-the-art the art spiral freezer.

Commercial Refrigeration in FL

JAX Refrigeration provided the installation of a commercial refrigeration system in St. Augustine, Florida including a -15°F freezer and 38°F dock. Equipment installed included condensing units and evaporators.

Refrigeration & HVAC System in CA

JAX Refrigeration, partnered with JAX Mechanical, provided the installation of a new refrigeration and HVAC system for a processing facility in Riverside, California. The refrigeration system included RMAU’s and penthouse units. The HVAC system included the installation of boilers and associated equipment.

Engine Room Refrigeration

JAX Refrigeration provided the refrigeration system for a new engine room including screw compressors, condenser, vessels, and ammonia pumps.

Ammonia Refrigeration in UT

JAX Refrigeration provided an ammonia refrigeration system in West Jordan, Utah consisting of RMAU’s, a condenser, vessels, and compressors.

Industrial Refrigeration Design in ID

JAX Refrigeration provided the engineering and design of a new central Freon refrigeration system in Twin Falls, Idaho for machine room including compressors, condenser, and heat exchanger.

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